THE SEVENTH LIGHT was the first full-length book I wrote. It’s a young adult paranormal romance novel complete at 86,000 words. I wrote and queried it to agents in 2020. In it, 17-year-old Cat must complete a journey and task originally intended for her father, whom the demons killed before he could fulfill it. The task is to bring critical information for the fight against the Dark (e.g., spiritual evil) to the Light’s (goodness and peace) emissary. Archangel Gabriel pops down from the heavens to intercede. Written in dual point of view (Cat and Gabriel), it will appeal to readers of Lauren Kate’s FALLEN series. Seventh Light was never published.


Seventeen-year-old Cat is a perfectly normal, contemporary high school senior—except she is a witch who can communicate with the dead, heal wounds, and hold her own in fire fights with demons. Gabe is an eighteen-year-old archangel in disguise, sent to protect Cat from herself and from the Dark, the embodiment of all evil in the universe. When demons crash her Halloween party, she unwittingly bets her soul on a card game. Shockingly, she loses! The archangels, through her dying grandmother, send her on a journey to rescue a diplomat of the Light and possibly save herself in the process. If she loses, she becomes a demon forever. Fortunately for Cat, her charming, mysterious classmate, Gabe, is there to guide her.

Fun facts:

– The book was originally designed as an anti-Tr*mp (US travesty) novel.
– It was written to be the first book in a trilogy. That didn’t work out so well because I started to strongly dislike the book.
– I tried to convert it to an adult book because the proposed sequel was adult. It did not work. Converting it to adult killed the magic of the book.
– I never know where to start novels. This one, I think, started two chapters too late.
– I plan to rewrite the book in 2022 or 2023, recapturing the young adult essence. It may or may not have the same characters, as I stole them for use with my second book, AND IN DARKNESS, LIGHT.
– It has novice technical mistakes, especially considering I wrote (or attempted to write) it in deep third person point of view.

Published by Jaimie Hunter

I am a writer of Young Adult fiction and non-fiction. I'm also a public health scientist and educator.

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