I’m not afraid of anything, least of all to dream. And I’m tenacious enough to put some wheels under those dreams and make them come to life.

Hey, y’all!

I was born late one Halloween night in Englewood, New Jersey, to parents who named me after the Bionic Woman. Since then, I have earned a PhD (Health Behavior), a master’s degree (Public Health), and the equivalent of another master’s degree (Quantitative Methodology).

When I left my dream job in Psychiatry, people asked me what I would do instead. More than anything in the world, I wanted to write. In fact, I’ve always wanted to write—I’ve just been afraid to fail. But in 2019, I hocked up the courage to try.

So, I’m new to this! I don’t have all the answers. I’m not the girl who will have a bazillion writing tutorials on her page because I simply do not know what to tell you. I suck at commas and using the word “had.” I’ve queried two books unsuccessfully and can give you a list of about 3,000 things NOT to do while querying. But I’m passionate, I’m a quick study, and I love what I do.

After fooling around with different concepts, I decided to focus on teen witches, and THE SEVENTH LIGHT (August 2020) was born. Somehow, Archangel Gabriel made his way into the picture, and you can’t have angels without a few demons. The book turned into somewhat of a saga, spawning two sequels, and at that point, I converted it into an adult book. Overall, the themes were more adult in nature. It is a contemporary fantasy romance.

My second book was AND IN DARKNESS, LIGHT (July 2021), which blossomed as a continuation of THE SEVENTH LIGHT on a bigger scale. Both books were contemporary fantasy grounded in the real world. I wanted to show the invisible aspects of the universe, the interplay between good and evil that occurs without humans’ knowledge. This book is also a contemporary fantasy romance.

In both cases, one woman became caught in the middle of an interdimensional war, and her beloved Archangel supported her.

My third book, completed in June 2022, is about a woman who takes a unique approach to love after her fiancé slips between the sheets with one of her closest friends. In short, she refuses to deal with love—until a handsome prosecutor challenges her skepticism. With his love, she must undergo the journey of a lifetime: conquering her deep fear of abandonment and accepting adoration from someone else. Part of her journey involves determining the validity of the ancient magic that surrounds her.

I have a variety of works in progress, ranging from thrillers to romantic suspense. COUNTED, a speculative thriller with romantic elements, is about a woman trapped in a killer’s web. She’s unable to help herself or protect the others who suffer until she figures out the mathematical algorithm the killer is using to choose his victims. But she must decipher it before her number comes up.

I also plan to rewrite the contemporary fantasies into a single book, combining their plots, and the third book lends itself to a sequel and/or a spin-off.

When I’m not writing, I’m hanging with Gracie the Golden or working in public health.