IF MAGIC WERE REAL (currently querying)

Adriana Kelly is a cardiothoracic surgeon who has her shit together. As the only female surgeon in Crystal Beach, North Carolina, and the only living descendant of the de Rossi witches, she commands the respect of the community. Saving lives matters more than silly things like feelings and (snort!) ridiculous concepts like “magic” . .Continue reading “IF MAGIC WERE REAL (currently querying)”

COUNTED: Work in Progress

Genre: Upmarket psychological thriller with speculative elements and a full romance arc. The narrative is grounded in present-day North Carolina, and all characters are fully human. Characters:– Aerin Barlowe, a millennial trauma surgeon with the ability to heal wounds and bring people back from near-death. She knows her magic is real, having performed it inadvertentlyContinue reading “COUNTED: Work in Progress”

Writing While Depressed

This article presents an OPINION and is IN NO WAY intended to serve as medical advice. The writer does not possess a medical degree and is not a clinician. Depression is about more than being “down.” Sometimes it means nothing has meaning for you anymore. As a writer, it can be especially frustrating because thoughtsContinue reading “Writing While Depressed”