AND IN DARKNESS, LIGHT is the second full-length novel I wrote, a romantic suspense queried in 2021. And in Darkness is presented in dual deep third person point of view.

Lauren is a 34-year-old doctor who lost her father and never knew her mother. A dark figure has followed her around her entire life, but she cannot identify him–until he steps forward to claim her for himself. Meanwhile, Michael is the hotshot attorney following the case of a mysterious killer who is somehow tied to Lauren. When their worlds collide, they realize they each hold the key to the other’s survival, and there’s no turning back.


There’s been an uptick of strange activity in Dr. Lauren Angell’s otherwise orderly world. Spectral wraiths and shadows once confined to her peripheral vision have stepped into the light, taunting her. She ignores them, making surgery her life at the expense of all else—including love. But when a wraith kills a patient in her operating room, Lauren can no longer pretend evil doesn’t exist.

Enter Michael, the ruthless lawyer who spars with Lauren over what caused that patient’s death: heart attack or rogue surgical resident? (Neither!) Though it nearly kills him to lose, he backs down when he recognizes the demonic wraiths’ handiwork. He also discerns Lauren’s divine heritage, something even she doesn’t know about. There’s more to this case—and to enigmatic Dr. Angell —than he knew.

The wraiths and their human golem hunt Lauren for her lineage, leaving bodies as tokens of their affection. Only Michael knows why they’re after her, but he cannot expose the secret without losing her. As the death toll rises, the two must destroy the devil in hell or join their friends in death.

Fun Facts:

  • Chunks of And in Darkness came from the carrion that was THE EIGHTH LIGHT (never completed).
  • This novel had full manuscript requests from agents before it was completed, thanks to participation in some workshops. However, querying did not go well.


Published by Jaimie Hunter

I am a writer of Young Adult fiction and non-fiction. I'm also a public health scientist and educator.

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