IF MAGIC WERE REAL (currently querying)

Adriana Kelly is a cardiothoracic surgeon who has her shit together. As the only female surgeon in Crystal Beach, North Carolina, and the only living descendant of the de Rossi witches, she commands the respect of the community. Saving lives matters more than silly things like feelings and (snort!) ridiculous concepts like “magic” . . .

. . . Until she catches her fiancé cheating with her friend and former sorority sister! After a couple mojitos, Adriana takes a page out of her mother’s book and curses herself never to fall in love again. This way, she can keep doing what she’s good at (saving lives) while avoiding petty distractions like heartache.

But curses tend to backfire, and a year later she finds herself in the vises of Mr. Right. To love him, she must undo the curse by facing the magical heritage she denies.

Meanwhile, Gabriel Fortier wants to be your district attorney, having witnessed gross inequities in his current role as a prosecutor. His father groomed him for politics, and then plan is to proceed from DA to US Senator over the next few years. That’s what Dad did, so that’s what Gabe should do . . . right?

With four relationships that crashed and burned in the last two years, Gabe has acquired a reputation for playing the field–not a good look for a political candidate. While he craves a family of his own, he decides not to date anymore until he finds his elusive Person–which could take years.

In a fortunate episode of misfortune, he captures The One on his fishing pole. When she demands he feed himself to the sharks, all hears is that all bets are off. Throwing caution to the wind, he sets out to learn more.

Genre: Upmarket contemporary romance/rom-com with speculative elements

Length: 89,000 words

Published by Jaimie Hunter

I am a writer of Young Adult fiction and non-fiction. I'm also a public health scientist and educator.

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